Which Driveway or Patio Pattern is best for your Brighton Home?

If you are considering having a patio or driveway fitted by Town and Country Paving, there are a few things to consider. The most important of these will bethe materials to use, the actual design and the layout. We cover the entire Brighton area and can produce a layout that works perfectly without exceeding the budget you have in mind.

Remember that we have a head office in Sussex and can reach all locations in Brighton in relatively short time. This means you’ll always receive a responsive service from our established and family-run paving company.

Below, we offer a few suggestions on patterns and layouts. Each of these is explained to help you achieve the perfect finish on all new patios and driveways.

Basket Weave and Stretcher Bond Patterns

Basket weave and stretcher bond paving patterns can be used on driveways, pathways and patio areas. Both can be paired with circle features to create stunning designs. Stretcher bond is a simple offset design where the joints are half the width of the paving stones. The most common stretcher bond patterns are the longitudinal and transverse layouts.

The basket weave pattern comes from an older period of English landscaping. This is a more conventional pattern that brings a traditional look to any driveway or patio in the Brighton area. The pattern swaps between vertical and horizontal pairs so that the paving creates columns and rows with eye-catching effect.

This is ideal for any homeowner looking for a vintage look. It creates a very durable surface and integrates well within most outdoor spaces.

Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone paving patterns are made from 2:1 blocks, which means the bricks are twice as long as they are wide. This type of paving is laid in opposite directions to create a ‘V’ shape which is ideal for a new driveway.

Interlocked and laid out, the layout is open to changes in pattern features and colours, thus producing a truly unique effect. It adds character and charm to any outdoor space in Brighton or the surrounding Sussex area.

Running Bond Pattern

Running bond is the most popular layout with homeowners in Brighton. It has a simplicity and ease of installation that makes all patio and driveway installations a straightforward job.Town and Country Paving lay blocks side-by-side to create the illusion of strong linear lines. Running bond is great for small areas and will makea patio seem much larger than it is.

If any of the above styles takes your fancy, or you’d like to discuss anything else that we can add to your Brighton home, please contact us today at our Sussex office. We can run through prices, inspire some ideas and provide any advice you need. Our patios, driveways and paving can be created in any pattern and will almost certainly add value to your home.

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