Benefits of a Concrete Driveway or Patio in Canterbury

At Town and Country Paving, we specialise in patio and driveway installations. One of our three offices is located in Kent and we are perfectly positioned to undertake projects in the Cathedral City of Canterbury. Our services extend into all other parts of the county and our company also covers the surrounding South East area.

Concrete driveways and paving installations are the most cost-effective way of getting the best from space around your Canterbury home. By taking your car off the road and parking it on a driveway, you’ll also be free from the worryof picking up potentially expensive knocks and bumps from other drivers.

Concrete, by its own design, is a strong and versatile material that produces long-term structures that stay to an original shape. It offers a more versatile surface than materials such as asphalt. While design options used to be limited, pattern-imprinted concrete has emerged to become a popular driveway, patio and paving material for the Canterbury area.

A Strong, Versatile and Simple Product

Whether you own a light weight saloon or a heavy 4-wheel monster truck, a concrete driveway laid by Town and Country Paving creates a sturdy and unbreakable surface that provides full support for any type of vehicle. As long as the correct groundwork procedures have been used, concrete driveways last for many years.

We can dye concrete in a more appropriate colour so that a new driveway, patio or pathway stays in tune with your design outlook. Selected carefully, concrete driveways can provide your homewith eye-catching kerb appeal than increase property value.

Maintaining a concrete driveway in Canterbury is a simple task. Most stains are removable by using warm water and mild soap.

For more difficult staining, consider scrubbing a driveway or patio with a dry granular cleaner. If you have decided to go with a polished concrete driveway, a topical sealant may be needed to protect the finish. Regular buffing may be considered to restore lost shine.

A Cost-Effective Driveway, Paving and Patio Solution

A concrete patio or driveway will always be cost-efficient. The initial outlay of a concrete paving solution is not the cheapest but in terms of long-term durability, it’s practically unbeatable. This is why so many homeowners in Canterbury choose it. Concrete driveways or patios will maintain full shape and strength for years to come.

Concrete is eco-friendly andmade from renewable and recyclable materials. Concrete can be easily recycled and turned into a secondary aggregates again. It has a non-slip surface which makes properties in Canterbury safer to use whatever the weather.

Light reflection can be a deciding factor when choosing a patio, driveway or paving surface for your Canterbury or Kent home. The ability to reflect light means less need for traditional lighting outside. Light-coloured concrete has exceptional reflective qualities.

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